the founders of The Alexander House Apostolate and creators of the Greg and Julie - The Marriage Couple Community. 

We really had no idea where we'd end up, but we knew it had to be this way...

Greg and Julie's life was once consumed by the pursuit of money and materialism, devoid of any spiritual foundation. However, their relentless pursuit of worldly success led them to the brink of divorce. Instead of divorcing they embarked on a profound journey to study their faith and encountered God's grace. 


Embracing His beautiful plan for marriage and incorporating the Sacraments, they experienced a profound redemption that revitalized their relationship, transforming their lives, and led them to create The Alexander House Apostolate, so that others could live the joy and happiness in their marriage. 

Our story has been seen as a sort of miraculous experience.  However, it should be no surprise if we do what God calls us to do.


"And all this from God, who has reconciled us to Himself through Christ and given us the ministry of reconciliation." - Cor. 5:18


Passionate about helping others

Greg and Julie's own transformative journey in their marriage ignited a deep passion within them to help other couples experiencing similar struggles. They intimately understand the pain and challenges that can arise in a relationship, as they have overcome their own marital difficulties. Their personal experiences have instilled in them a heartfelt desire to share the knowledge, tools, and wisdom they have acquired along the way. With a genuine empathy and a firm belief in the power of strong marriages, Greg and Julie are driven to support and guide other couples, empowering them to create lasting, fulfilling, and thriving relationships.


Wonderful Witness to Grace

The history of the Alexanders' ordeal and the healing of their marriage was quite a moving read. I'm sure that all couples can sympathize and even identify themselves with the Alexanders, at least in part. That's when the power of their healing can bring hope to couples who find themselves in similar ruts.

In this day and age, the record given by God to mankind about marriage is often scratched by the dominant culture and leads many couples to skip grooves forward and to be stuck in the same grooves over and over again. What was meant in the beginning to be a relationship based on charity, then becomes a tiresome exercise in selfishness.

The Alexanders are a truly blessed couple and their openness to God's grace in healing their marriage is very inspiring. Their reliance on God's providence, not only in carrying out their ministry but also in providing for their family, is the stuff that I often read in the lives of saints. This grace definitely shows in their ability to bring healing to so many couples in their ministry.

Evandro Menezes - Texas


I'm all about

Prayer, building trust, communicating effectively, respecting each other, and creating intimacy, while also being flexible, supportive, forgiving, loving, and having fun.


I'm not about

Engaging in behaviors like lying, disrespect, neglect, lack of effort, infidelity, defensiveness, demeaning, criticism, blaming, being arrogant, inconsiderate,  and self-absorbed.